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How To Care For Your Hosiery

HOW TO PUT THEM ON - It's important that you know how to properly put on your hosiery to ensure you get the full life out of them. Start by rolling them all the way down in your hands. Gently roll the hosiery up over your heel, calf, and thigh, stopping to adjust if necessary rather than tugging at the end. This helps stop unnecessary stretching. If you find they are not up high enough, start over adding more tension. If they went up to high, start over adding less tension. To prevent snags and runs, make sure your toenails and fingernails are smooth and filed. To ensure no harm comes to the delicate fabric, we recommend that you can even wear soft, smooth gloves. When removing, do not pull them off by the toe, take them off the same way you put them on using care.

CLEANING - Cleaning your hosiery properly is very important. It is best to hand wash your hosiery. However, machine washing on cold, delicate is an ok alternative. To protect your hosiery further, wash them inside a white or light colored mesh lingerie bag. To hand wash, gently massage the material in a bowl of cold, mild soapy water until clean. Rinse only with cold water. Never machine dry, this will destroy your hosiery. The best way to dry, is by laying them out flat on a flat surface and allowing them to air dry. 

STORING - After cleaning your hosiery, you don’t want them to get damaged in your drawer, we recommend neatly folding your hosiery and place them in a drawer away from any items with zippers, clasps, or other parts that could snag or stain the fabric. You could also store them in a satin bag which is great for traveling as well.

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